20 Oct Perfumed interview of Nicolas Bonneville

Your perfume ? Dior Homme / Bois d’Argent -Dior Your favorite smell ? The aroma of baking bread that you smell passing near a bakery. A childhood smell ? The homemade apricot jam,  still hot in the pan. A culinary smell ? Smell of curry, an association of many things that take you on a journey. An...

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01 Oct Perfumed interview of Zabou Breitman

Zabou Kreitman created a fairytale and sweet candle inspired by her children for october. Why did you choose this perfume for your candle? For the memory of my children bedroom smell when they were young. Your favorite smell? Fresh aire, breeze, glycine. A childhood smell? Encaustic of my grandmother, the attic,...

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01 Sep Perfumed interview of Alessandra Sublet

Alessandra Sublet created a fun and babyish candle for Quintessence! Why did you choose this perfume for your candle? Since I'm a little girl, I am surrounded by musc. Your favorite smell? Musc. A childhood smell? The barbapapa. A culinary smell? The gratin dauphinois. An unpleasant smell? Cabbage. An ideal perfume? With musc! The smell of a place? The jura...

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01 Jul Perfumed interview of Marie-Ange Casta

Marie-Ange Casta imagined for Quintessence a pure and delicate candle inspired by her daughter. Why did you choose this perfume for your candle? I wanted to have a candle that reflects me and the smells I love everyday or the ones in my memories. Your favorite smell? I am very...

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01 Jun Perfumed interview of Damien Perrinelle

Damien Perrinelle invites us to a travel from Paris to New-York with the candle he created for Quintessence! A childhood smell? The fresh grass. A culinary smell? Caramel and freshly brewed coffee. An unpleasant smell? Naphtalene. The smell of a place? The smell of spas. Si vous deviez donner un nom à votre bougie ? Transatlantique. This candle...

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01 May Perfumed interview of Alexandra Golovanoff

Alexandra Golovanoff created for Quintessence a fresh and vegetal candle! Why did you choose this perfume for your candle? Because I love those smells! A childhood smell? The old books in my country house. A culinary smell? Coriander. An unpleasant smell? A cold ashtray. An ideal perfume? The one that doesn't give me a headache! The smell...

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28 Apr Perfumed Interview of Aline Erbeia

Quintessence Paris asked the artist Aline Erbeia to create concrete bases of candle with the shape of a pillow. “The concrete is a fascinating material for me, it became a real source of inspiration. A representative material of our time and modern architecture. Expression of robustness, strength,...

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01 Apr Perfumed interview of Anouk Aimée

Anouk Aimée signed for Quintessence an elegant and animal lover candel for april! Why did you chose this perfume for your candle? I really love its oriental and floral notes. A childhood smell ? Barn smell. A culinary smell? Italian pastas. An unpleasant smell? Everything that's rotten. An ideal perfume? sensual and discreet. The smell of a place? The...

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