Perfumed Interview : Manuela Paul Cavallier – Bougie d’artiste


Manuela Paul-Cavallier and Quintessence Paris worked together on the creation of this candle with a special perfume. Every candle is a unique creation, in numbered edition.

Your perfume?

Wood fire, grilled sweet chestnuts

Why did you choose this perfume for your candle?

A delicate perfume, as a caress in arabesques, it evokes the peacefulness of autumn wood fire, the grilled sweet chestnuts accompanied with a glass of epicurean wine.

Your favorite smell ?

The scents of the forest after summer rain.

A childhood smell?

My grandmother’s flower garden.

A culinary smell?

Freshly cut truffles.

An unpleasant smell ?

Parisian subway…

An ideal perfume ?

Subtle, which invites for a dreaming.

The smell of a place?

The scents of incense and wood in Kyoto’s temples.

If you had to give a name to your candle?

Epicurean Aromas


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