Perfumed interview of Nicolas Bonneville


Your perfume ?

Dior Homme / Bois d’Argent -Dior

Your favorite smell ?

The aroma of baking bread that you smell passing near a bakery.

A childhood smell ?

The homemade apricot jam,  still hot in the pan.

A culinary smell ?

Smell of curry, an association of many things that take you on a journey.

An unpleasant smell ?

The Bleach; who did validate this smell?

An ideal perfume ?

The one that tempts you to follow a woman on the street, guided by its trail…

The smell of a place ?

A field Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum Sambac) in India, early in the morning when the floral and vegetal smell of flowers is mixed with the scent of still wet ground…


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