Perfumed interview of Marie-Josée Croze


Your perfume

Heloise V. At the edge of the river. Toilet water.

Why did you choose this perfume for your candle?

Pine tree? When I was little I recognized my house with these
two huge pine trees that my parents had planted on the front of
the land which distinguished it from other houses. It’s a funny
tree. It is very strong, original and
not trying to be anything else. You never confuse odor or
the shape of this tree with another one. Very assumed identity! and for
the record, my first role in the theater when I was 7 was a tree.I was very disappointed with my role but  just because my mother was a very good seamstress, she made me a sublime tree costume! I had two replicas; “Do not cut me, do not cut me! “.

Your favorite smell

The smell of fresh-cut wood.

 A childhood smell

The interiors of new cars. I loved cars.

 A culinary smell

Popcorn movie!

 An unpleasant odor

The moisisure !!!

An ideal fragrance

Reassuring and subtle.

The smell of a place

A church or a forest, I hesitate.

If you had to name your candle?

EMANATION, meaning smell but also intangible fluid that are
sensible issue mediums. A candle still has a purifying virtue
and mystical. In hotel rooms , I’m burning tons.

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