Perfumed interview of Coco Fronsac


Coco Fronsac created for Quintessence a surrealist candle inspired by her oniric universe.

Why did you choose this perfume for your candle?

This is a gourmet smell that went well with the image I choose to illustrate it…like leafing through a family photo album.

Your favorite smell?

The smell of happiness.

A childhood smell?

The smell of oil paint in the studio of my grandparents.

A culinary smell?

The smell of cooked onions.

An unpleasant smell?

The smell of dead flowers.

An ideal perfume?

One that blends with the skin, the place.

The smell of a place?

The smell of a wine cellar.

If you had to give a name to your candle?

Chimères et merveilles!

This candle was created in partnership with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.


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