Perfumed interview of Philip Colbert


Philip Colbert invites us to his pop and colored universe with the candle of January!

Why did you choose this perfume for your candle?

I wanted to make a candle that captured the spirit of Pop art, and for me Popcorn is the essence of pop art. Popcorns went Pop first and art followed.

Your favorite smell

I love the smell of cut grass.

A childhood smell

The smell of new Nike Air trainers when taken out of the box.

A culinary smell

Yummy Pizza when still in the box.

An unpleasant smell

Some cheeses taste amazing but smell revolting. 

An ideal perfume

The scent of my wife Charlotte 🙂

The smell of a place

Tuscan Hills or the Sea Breeze on the east coast of Scotland.

If you had to give a name to your candle?

The Pop Candle.

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