Perfumed interview of Zabou Breitman


Zabou Kreitman created a fairytale and sweet candle inspired by her children for october.

Why did you choose this perfume for your candle?

For the memory of my children bedroom smell when they were young.

Your favorite smell?

Fresh aire, breeze, glycine.

A childhood smell?

Encaustic of my grandmother, the attic, lilac.

A culinary smell?

A genoise that cooks, a pot roast, cooked onions.

An unpleasant smell?

The air in the cast irons radiateurs.

An ideal perfume?

The one that blends with the skin.

The smell of a place?

Savannah and this smell that we recognize since from the beginning of time.

If you had to give a name to your candle?


This candle was created in partnership with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.


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