Perfumed Interview of Aline Erbeia


Quintessence Paris asked the artist Aline Erbeia to create concrete bases of candle with the shape of a pillow.

“The concrete is a fascinating material for me, it became a real source of inspiration. A representative material of our time and modern architecture. Expression of robustness, strength, power and technical feats. My inspiration was to humanize this material by integrating it with poetry into our cozy interiors. The objective of my creation is to play on the confusion of perception. This confusion is perceived by the gap between the vision and the touch. The vision of a pillow expresses softness, comfort, voluptuousness and tenderness in a very natural manner. But with the first touch, required opposition and contradiction looked for express themselves by its robustness, hardness of its surfaces and its weight.”

Your perfume ?

Voyage by Hermès.

Your favorite smell?

A wood fire in the mountain.

A childhood smell?

Vetiver, my grandfather’s perfume.

A culinary smell?

Toast and coffee.

An unpleasant smell?


An ideal perfume?

Escentric molecules 02

The smell of a place?

A summer wind by the sea

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