Perfumes interview of Guila Clara Kessous

Your perfume
Citron, palm tree, myrtle, willow… A meeting between the Orient and the Occident
Why did you choose this perfume for your candle?
 The candle concept is to gather and to federate all the people who recognize themselves in the four groups of plants, to create this fragrance :
 – Citron ( cédrat) : his taste and his fragrance evokes the true man who knows the principles and values humanist of  Human Rights and apply them.
– Palm tree : his taste reflects the man who limits him at the knowledge of those values but don’t apply them.
– Myrtle : his fragrance is an allusion to the actions’ man which he is unaware of those values in a spiritual point of view.
– Willow : without fruit and fragrance is for the man which isn’t implicated, nor scientist but which is essentiel in the total balance of Humanity.
Those four different men form an Humanity who must support and help itself to survive. October has been choose because it is the month of the International Day of Non-Violence which is also Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. This candle is also for the 70 years of UNESCO.
Your favorite smell
 The beginning of Fall scent, the red leaves’ perfume, a peaceful smell of freshness.
A childhood smell
Vanilla-chocolate flavour ice-cream on the beach, the one which make us run to buy one !
A culinary smell
 Sugar which starts to caramelize. It’s a smell which call all the senses.
An unpleasant smell
 War scent … A smell of hunger, thirst and fear
An ideal perfume
Welcome back scent
The smell of a place
A colorful scent of green apple and fresh grass … A little green area unexplored where everybody feel good (to be together).
If you had to give a name to your candle?
 A Candle for Human Rights


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